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Color Matching

First time trying hair extensions and need help with your color selection? Or are you looking to try a new color?

Matching hair color can be difficult. Human hair colors will always vary depending on the condition and the qualities of the raw material. Human hair products are unique - no two pieces will be the exact same texture, quality or color. 

Natural human hair is usually a combination of tones. This is due to variation in the natural color of each strand, exposure to sun, hair care products, and the use of chemicals. Most hair manufacturers use industry color codes for basic hair colors and some blond colors. Professional hair color rings are available for our professional brands.  We always recommend the purchase of a hair color ring when purchasing professional quality products. Hair color rings are for best way to match color but are should only be used for reference. The actual color of the hair you ordered will be close to the hair color ring but may not be exactly the same.

Online color swatches are also available. When using online color charts, keep in mind that the color displayed on the monitor will vary depending on the type of computer monitor and its setting. We do not guarantee hair color so if you are unsure of the color, we recommend you purchase a hair color ring.

Hair color rings and online swatches are for reference only. The actual color of the item you receive will be well within the color range but may not be the exact same color as the color ring or online swatch.  Each piece of human hair will be unique for this reason, please allow for some variation in the color.

Tips for color matching hair extensions

Coloring hair is a chemical process and can alter the look and feel of the hair. We cannot guarantee the outcome of any chemical process.

  1. Most stylist agree that it is easier to darken hair than it is to lighten. Minor color alterations can be done with easy to find shampoo in hair color. Lifting hair from dark to blond requires a bleaching agent and should be done by a licensed stylist.
  2. When coloring hair, test the color on a few sections of hair to get an idea of how much time is needed to have the color lift or darken to desired levels.
  3. Blond colors are usually a mix of varying shades of blond. Dyed blond colors will be more uniform in appearance but there will still be some variation in the color. Most stylist use blond tones together to create low level contrast and make it easy to blend with natural hair.
  4. Use a professional stylist whenever possible.

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