Protube - Silicone Lined Copper Tubes - For Use with Itip Pre-glued Strand Bonded Hair - Intended for Professional Use Only

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Premium Tube locks WITH silicone is used for thinner, finer hair too fine to hold the I-tips securely. The silicone inside the tubes help grip and secure the hair together. Stylists will use silicone based locks on customers with thin or thinning hair with no strength or if the hair is too fine. Made with natural finish.

Premium Tubelocks WITHOUT silicone are lighter and used for medium to thick hair who does not need the extra support of the silicone. Stylists will use a non-silicone based lock on clients' who prefer a thinner tube to lessen the weight of the hair.

*The above information is a guide only. All personal preference varies.

Qty: (250pcs. per package)
Type: Copper
Product Group/Professional Specialty


Hair Bonding products, tools, and accessories are intended for use by licensed professionals only. Use at your own risk.

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