Sang Limited Natural Virgin Cuticle Direction Remi - Euro Textured Silky Straight Weave - GRD6 - 100% Human Hair - Vivica Fox - PROFESSIONAL SPECIALTY ITEM

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Pure exquisite natural silky straight human hair extensions. Perfect for naturally straight European silky hair. Select for salon processing to use in its natural color or to color using normal salon coloring processing. This is a Zero Processed hair, safe for coloring and other salon services.

RAW, Live and Organic, SANG Virgin Remi hair is unprocessed and unaltered making it the purest available to you. Untouched and in its natural state, SANG Virgin Remi comes from only one donor. This ensures 100% same cuticle direction, completely eliminating tangling, shedding or breakage. SANG also comes in its natural color to ensure that the cuticles are left live and intact.
SANG Virgin Remi hair is collected from young women in their teens or early 20s, so that it has a stronger and healthier body than any other hair in the industry. SANG Virgin remi is unprocessed and unaltered. Each bundle of SANG Virgin Remi comes from only one donor.

What differentiates SANG from other Virgin hair products? Its weft. Flat Weft® is being introduced exclusively by the Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection as the most superior weft available on the market. Made from polyurethane, ®Flat Weft® features a double stitched lace net that not only makes the weft breathable allowing air to flow through, but it allows wet hair to dry faster as opposed to holding in water like traditional wefts. Flat weft has also been praised because of its durability. This weft can be cut and styled without the worry of loose strands and damaged hair. It is also incredibly easier to sew through and install. Aside from comfort and durability, this thin, soft, light weft also appears to have solved an age old issue, SHEDDING. Ground-breaking, Flat Weft is HAND SEWN strand by strand, one by one, to secure each delicate strand of hair. In addition to eliminating bothersome shedding, Flat Weft lives up to its name, in that itis just that, FLAT. Unlike other wefts, the Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection®s Flat Weft will leave your style free of clumping and bunching and it®s easier to sleep in. This allows your weave to look natural and undetectable, the way it should be!

Consider SANG an investment. Taken care of properly, SANG Remi will last at least 4 times longer than other brands in the market. SANG can be dyed, permed and bleached for whatever style and look you desire.

SANG Remi® is an  exceptional hair extension product. Inspected piece by piece by raw hair specialist, SANG is certifiably the most superior hair in a class by itself. Adorned with a metal pendant and encased in a sculpted box, luxurious does not begin to describe SANG. When purchasing SANG, take comfort in knowing that you have selected the very best in Virgin Hair Extensions

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