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About Hair and Hair Care

The information provided is a intended to provide general information about  hair growth, loss, and care. We recommend you seek the advice of a licensed stylist to address any special concerns you may have about your hair.

Hair Growth

Hair is composed of dead skin cells, dehydrated and filled with insoluble proteins (keratin), held together by strong attachments between the cells. Hair grows from a follicle root below the scalp at a rate averaging 10-15 mm per month. Hair grows in stages. 90% of scalp hair is in a continuous growth stage known as Anagen lasting 2-6 years. The other 10% is in the dormant or rest stage known as Telogen lasting 2-3 months. Because skin cells are constantly renewing themselves, flaking (dandruff ) occurs. Excessive  dandruff may signal a medical condition such as psoriasis or eczema, or may be  caused by improper cleaning, fungus or bacteria.

How Hair Becomes Damaged

Chemicals used to alter hair such as perms, relaxers as well as hair coloring agents are the most common causes of hair damage. These  chemicals produce abnormalities to the hair and can interfere with hair  production. Prolonged exposure to the elements and certain chemicals found in water can also damage hair. Mechanical forces such  as combing, brushing, heat drying and styling and improper braiding and weaving can also damage the hair  and scalp. Hair damage is not always limited to the existing hair; changes may occur in new growth. When the scalp is irritated or injured a condition known as Telogen Effluvium may result; the hair sheds abruptly and does not regrow for many months. In severe cases, hair growth may be permanently impaired.

Hair Loss

Some degree of hair loss will occur with hair that has been weakened by chemicals and/or mechanical forces. Other causes of hair loss include:

  • Improper Diet: Nutrient  malnutrition deprives hair follicles of an adequate supply of protein. This lengthens the Telogan phase making hair thinner and shorter
  • Stress: Physical or emotional  stress has been associated with hair loss.
  • Illness: Chemotherapy and Alopecia  Areata are the two most common medical conditions resulting in hair loss. An  estimated 2.5 million people suffer with some form of Alopecia Areata. The amount of hair loss associated with these conditions vary from minor, with small  patches of hair loss, to major resulting in the loss of all body hair.
  • Aging and Hereditary Factors: You  may be genetically predisposed for Male/Female pattern hair loss.

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    Emu Oil is a natural deep penetrating oil with excellent moisturizing properties. It works miracles on dry hair. Emu Oil has been used for hundreds of years in the treatment of skin diseases such as eczema and for inflammation of the joints.  Unlike most mineral oil based products, Emu Oil absorbs quickly into the skin and hair. To use, wash the hair throughly. After washing, mix a small amount of Emu Oil in with your regular cream conditioner.  You will see an improvement with just one treatment. Emu Oil can be used alone  or with any cream conditioner. Use a heating cap for more penetrating hot oil treatment. 

Perms and Relaxers

Chemical agents are widely used to add curl to straight hair and to loosen curls in curly hair. These products defat the scalp and permanently alter the  structure of the hair. These compounds can also cause severe hair loss from over processing. Never use perms or relaxers on damaged hair. If possible, allow the hair to regrow before introducing new chemical processes.

Basic Hair  Maintenance

  • Clean and condition your hair regularly
  • Use a professional stylist for chemical services whenever  possible
  • If you are planning to perm, color or relax you own hair, read the product manufactures instructions carefully
  • Avoid the excessive use of curling irons and other heat styling appliances
  • Avoid tight braiding or weaving
  • Use a good shampoo and conditioner, preferable one that restores the hair.


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