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Color Matching

Use of Hair Color Rings for Color Matching - Due to the natural  variation in human hair colors and tones, hair color rings can only provide a reference for a particular hair color. Though the colors may not be an exact match, the color ring will help you get a better color match. 

Use of Online Hair Color Charts - Online colors can vary greatly. The colors displayed are determined by the type of computer, monitor, and settings. Please keep this in mind when viewing online colors.

Specialty Items - Specialty product are products that require some skill to wear or apply and  products made for and intended for use by trained professionals.  You'll find many more color options available in specialty items including fancy colors and a wide variety of blond blends. SPECIALTY HAIR PRODUCTS may NOT be returned for merchandise credit or refund.

Due to the variety and complexity of blond colors and the wide variation in blended and mixed colors,  only basic solid colors may be returned for merchandise credit.

Stock Colors - We allow returns on any regular hair item (non-specialty item) in basic solid stock colors. The basic stock colors are:  #1, #1B, #2 and #4.

We do not offer the option of refunds, only merchandise credit on qualifying returns. Exchange fees and shipping charges apply.  Visit the Terms and Conditions page of our site for detailed information regarding our exchange/return policy.


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Basic Color/Color Mixes


Jet Black

Off Black

Dk Brown

Med Brown

Light Auburn

Med Auburn

Dark Auburn



REMINDER ON THE USE OF ONLINE HAIR COLOR CHARTS: The colors displayed will vary depending on your computer monitor type and settings. Online color charts and color descriptions are meant to be used as a reference only. The color chart is not a color guarantee. Individuals who use hair extensions regularly have a good idea of what to expect with colors. If you are new with hair extensions, you should consider purchasing a hair color ring. This will help you get the closest color match. Color rings are available in synthetic and human hair.  Synthetic hair  is usually a shade darker than the same color in human hair. If you are unsure of the color purchase a hair color ring.

NOT ALL STYLES AND PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE IN ALL COLORS. The product options boxes show colors for the item.

Industry base colors are #1, #1B, #2, #4. Industry highlight colors include #27, #30 and #33. Trendy reds and copper colors are being used as highlight colors to create exciting new color blends. These include: #BURG, #130, #350, #99J. Blonde color blends are also available in many styles. Check the color options box for available colors in your selected style. Color selections for custom wigs and custom extensions may be selected from the online list of color or from your hair color sample.

Sale merchandise, specialty hair items (preglued extensions, extend tube extensions, seamless extensions, top pieces, closure piece, lace wigs, hair bonding products and other accessories may not be returned for exchange.




Basic Color Mixes:

Basic color mixes are stock colors with varying amount of highlight color (lighter color). F, S, FS colors are the most color color mixes. These mixes usually have 30% highlight color. Piano blended have blond streaks of colors.  F, FS and S colors provide light highlight coloring which liven up solid colors without overdoing the highlight color.

Thee tone colors are available in TT (top darker light solid ends), Ombre (darker roots, lighter middle and med dark ends. Ombre colors can come in different levels of colors in different places.

What you should know about Blond Colors:

Blond colors have more visible range of color variation. Matching blonde colors can be difficult. All blonde colors are a combination of shades of blonde. Even solid colors such as #22 and #613 will have differing shades of blonde in them. Most skilled stylists purchase hair extensions with the understanding that the color may need to be adjusted for a more exacting color match. Keep this in mind when making your color selections. Purchasing blonde hair in blended colors makes the hair look more natural and helps with color matching. Our color descriptions are intended to be used as a reference only. We do not guarantee colors. Blond and mixed colors are non-stock colors and may not be returned to us for exchange. Our online color chart, color numbers and color descriptions is intended for reference purposes only and is not a color guarantee.

Color Ring Colors:

The color ring is intended as a guide, not a guarantee of color. Color rings are made in human and synthetic hair. Synthetic hair colors are slightly darker than human hair. Like dye lots with other manufactured products, human hair color will always vary. Not two pieces will be exactly the same color.

The product color options box will show colors. Some items may be available in other colors. To check stock for a color not listed, email us at

If you request a color match from one of our color rings, we will match to the closest available color which may or may not be an exact match. This service is provided as a courtesy to our customers, not a guarantee of color. All products sold on this website are made in manufacturer colors.



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