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Hair Extension Methods

Weaving hair is manufactured with and without the weft. Wefted hair extensions are held together with a band of fine threads. Wefted hair comes in two types, machine wefted and hand tied. Due to the high cost of hand made products, most extension hair is machine wefted in fine, medium or heavy wefts. Medium wefts are used for the majority of wefted extension hair.  Hand tied wefted hair is more expensive but is often preferred due to its light weight. Hand tied hair also resist shedding better.

Hair without a weft is called BULK. Bulk hair is loose. It is used primarily for stand bonding and braiding.



Track Extensions

Basic Cord Tracking Technique -  (also called pinch weaving, micro weaving, track locking). With this method, thin tracks of hair are positioned horizontally on the scalp and reinforced with weaving threads in a lock stitch. The tracks are positioned to follow the  clients natural hair pattern. The tracks go in close to the scalp to support  the weave piece. The weave piece is then attachedĀ  with weaving thread and the  clients natural hair is combed to cover the tracks. This technique results in  long lasting great looking extensions, however, it can place stress on the scalp  and hair if not done properly. Cord weaving can be used with natural, permed or  relaxed hair. Again, care should be taken to limit the amount of stress on the  hair and scalp.

Cornrow Track Extensions

Cornrow Tracking - This is  the oldest and most widely used weaving technique. The technique is the same as  with tracking only cornrow braids are used instead of weaving cord to form the  tracks.

Invisible Braiding (also called  Tree Braiding) - This popular cornrowed technique allows weaving hair to be put  in without threads or glues. Weaved hair is braided in with the clients hair in  cornrowed braid layers close to the scalp. At the braid goes in place, the weave  hair is separated from the natural hair in small sections and pulled away from  the braid in a close pattern. The natural hair ends up fully braided and serves  as a support for the weaved hair.

Invisible braids are a great choice  for anyone wanting to give their natural hair a break from chemicals. Invisible  braids go in fast but do not last as long as more traditional braids. This  particular type of braid will need to be redone more frequently. For this reason  we recommend that synthetic hair be used for this type of  braiding.

Strand Bonding Technique


Strand Bond Weaving

Uses strands of  hair which are applied to small hair sections to increase fullness or length. Specially formulated hair adhesives are used for a secure bond. This method allows the hair to move more naturally. Apply the adhesive yourself or purchase preglued hair for fast easy application.

With proper care, stand bonded extensions can be worn 4-6 months.

The Instructional video is included with Keratin Hair Bonding Kits. . The video for the Orans Fusion method is not include with the kit. This item can be purchased separately. HAIR IS NOT INCLUDED WITH HAIR BONDING KITS.

We carry the following Professional Hair Bonding Products:

Preglued Hair - This type of hair has adhesive tipped on each strand section and can be easily applied. The strands are made with precise amounts of hair to provide the best coverage with a minimum of bulk. Since the hair adhesive is already applied less time is needed to apply the hair and the pieces are more evenly distributed for greater flexibility and natural flow.

IMPORTANT: All hair bonding products are considered professional products and require some level of skill to be used properly.

Extend Tube Technique - This is new technique which attaches the hair with small clamping tubes. The techniques requires the use of specially prepared hair. The hair is sectioned and pulled through the tube fastener and sealed. Extend tube also has a small amount of adhesive on the tips for optimum hold.

Skin Weft (Seamless) Hair Extensions - This is a marvelous new way to have hair extensions applied in minutes. The hair is attached to a special backing and secured with adhesive tape or other hair adhesive product. The hair is attached by putting a section of the natural hair in between to pieces of skin weft extensions and then sealing the wefts together using the skin weft sealer tool. The hair is reusable and is easily removed.




Hair Bonding Adhesive Types

Adhesive Bonding - Bonded hair  additions use specially formulated adhesives to attach the hair.  Adhesive bonding products are usually wax based or Keratin based. The Keratin based products are harder and come in medium or hard hold. The wax based product (Fusion) come in regular hold (Pro Fusion) and in medium hard hold (French Fusion). Fusion adhesives do not require acetone to remover and tend to be easier on the hair. With proper care, the French Fusion product can hold up to 3 months. Keratin adhesives are harder and can last up to 6 months.

Liquid Bonding (also called cold  bonding) -  This is a liquid adhesive and comes in two types. Liquid Gold (for lasting hold) and rubberized products which may be found in local beuaty supply stores. The rubberized adhesive is meant for temporary extension lasting only a few days. It breaks down easily with oils and shampoos.

Thermal Head Bonding (also called  Fusion or Modulation) - This technique is used to apply strand bonded  extensions. extensions. The bonding material is a wax-like material formulated  to withstand mild heat. A thermal heat appliance is used to melt the material.  The adhesive quickly hardens into a firm but flexible bond. The adhesive is safe  for all hair types. The bond is removed with a heating appliance.

Thermal  bonding adhesives resist softening from shampooing, conditioners and oils.  Strand bonding is an industry favorite. There is no bulk at the scalp leaving  the hair to flow freely.

This information is intended to give you a brief overview of the most common types of hair bonding adhesives currently being sold.  We would recommend you consult with a licensed professional to determine if hair bonding is right for you and what product is best for your hair type.






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