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Custom Lace Wigs  -  Questons and Answers

This page addresses questions about Lace Wigs products. Please visit our "Questions" page for general information on ordering, shipping, and payment methods. You can also email us with your questions at: orders@lfhair.com.


What are Lace Wigs?















Lace wigs have a cap constructed with super lightweight lace materials or a combination of lace and other materials. The cap is designed for customized fitting. The edges are trimmed to match the clients natural hairline and the wig is secured along the hairline with special adhesives.
Full lace wigs give you the option of wearing your wig down, in updo styles or in ponytails.

Lace wigs are the preferred choice for high profile personalities. The wig blends into the natural hairline for undetectable wear
Custom Lace Wigs are made to your exact specifications and usually take 5-6 weeks to produce. Stock Lace Wigs are available for immediate shipping.  Lace Wigs are considered professional products. If you are applying your wig yourself, consider purchasing the Lace Wig Instructional DVD. The DVD provides
step-by-step instruction on lace wig application and removal. Please make a note:

Beginning 03/01/2008, written instructions will no longer accompany lace wig orders.

YOUR WIG WILL NOT COME WITH WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS -  IF YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO APPLY YOUR WIG,  PURCHASE THE LACE WIG DVD.  The Lace Wig Instructional DVD may be purchased at a discounted price if ordered with a lace wig item.

If you are purchasing a stock lace wig, read the description carefully to make sure that the product fits your needs. Stock styles are not always the same size and may have different product features. 


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Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions - Get the information fast!


  1. What is the difference between a Full Lace Wig and a Lace Front Wig?
  2. Can I put the product on myself or should I consult with a stylist?
  3. Who can wear this wig?
  4. Can you tell it's a wig?
  5. Can I style this wig myself?
  6. How is the wig designed?
  7. How is the cap constructed?
  8. What type of lace is used?
  9. What color is the lace?
  10. What is a Knot?
  11. What are Bleached Knots?
  12. How do I seal the knots?
  13. What are Baby Hairs?
  14. Can this wig be ordered in highlight colors?
  15. How is the wig applied?
  16. What type of adhesive is used and where can it be purchased?
  17. How long will the adhesive hold?
  18. Can the wig be worn while swimming and exercising?
  19. How is the wig parted?
  20. How thick is the hair?
  21. How are lace wigs styled and what textures are available?
  22. How long will my wig last?
  23. Who designs the wigs?
  24. Is this product available in local beauty supply stores
  25. How long does it take for the wig to be made and delivered?
  26. What accounts for the price difference in the wigs?
  27. Do you have a color chart or color ring or can I send a hair sample?
  28. How do I measure my head?
  29. Can I return an item for exchange or refund?
  30. Do you offer wig repair services?
  31. What else should I know before ordering?
  32. Can I pay by credit card?
  33. What are the Terms and Conditions of Sale
  34. How can I contact you?
  35. Should I purchase the Lace Wig DVD?





1.  What is the difference between a Full Lace Wig and a Lace Front Wig?

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A Lace Front Wig has has lace around the front of the wig. This part of the wig is trimmed to fit the hairline. The remainder of the cap is made of standard wig cap materials. The quality of Lace Front wigs is the same as Full Lace Wig. Full Lace Wigs have a complete lace cap and may be ordered with lace and other materials.  Full Lace Wigs may be ordered with ear-to-ear stretch (most popular), no stretch, and thin skin poly material.


2. Can I put the product on myself or should I consult with my stylist?


Lace Wigs are professional products and are intended for use by individuals trained in the application of such products. You might have a problem locating a stylist with experience in applying Lace Wigs. It is not that difficult to do yourself but getting it right will require time and patience. With practice, you should be able to apply  the wig yourself. If you decide not to use an experienced stylist, we recommend you purchase the LACE WIG INSTRUCTIONAL DVD. Review this information carefully before doing anything to your wig.


3.  Who can wear these wigs?                                                                                                                


Lace wigs can be worn by anyone-both young and old. Individuals with hereditary hair loss or medical conditions resulting in hair loss might find a Lace Wig a good choice. Like high profile personalities, many people elect to wear Lace Wigs to change their style. Lace Wigs are available in many styles and colors and can be worn without making changes to the natural hair. 


4.  Can you tell that it's a wig?                                                                                                                 


A well applied Lace Wig is creates a flawless hairline making it undetectable. The wig is glued to the entire outside perimeter of your head and blend into the natural hairline for an undetectable finish.


5.  Can I style this wig myself?                                                                                                                 

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Lace wigs can be styled just like regular hair. You can perm it, dye it, set it, blow dry it, hot curl it, etc.  Full Lace Wigs are designed to blend along the hairline - front and back. You can wear your wig in a ponytail or any other updo style. Lace front wigs can be pulled back for off-the-face styles. The back of the wig is made in the traditional cap construction.


6. How is the wig designed?                                                                                                                  


All of our wigs are hand-crafted using invisible lace. The individual pieces of 100% Indian Remy Hair are then skillfully hand-tied into the lace and double knotted to prevent shedding.


7.  How is the cap constructed?                                                                                                           


Lace Wigs can be made in several different cap types. Caps with stretch provide flexibility with fitting. Included in the Lace Wig line are wigs made with transparent thin skin material.

Cap options for Lace Wigs include:

Lace Front Only (Lace in Front Only)
Full Lace with NO STRETCH (Measure carefully - the Lace will not stretch)
Full Lace with Minimum Stretch (a little stretch at the ears)
Full Lace with Ear to Ear Stretch (allows cap to stretch ear to ear)
Full Lace with Top to Nape Stretch (allows cap to stretch from top to nape)
Full Lace w/Thin Skin Top
Lace w/Thin Skin around perimeter
Full Thin Skin Cap

Click here to view photos of cap construction.


8.  What type of lace is used?                                                                                                                

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Lace wigs can be ordered in French Lace or Swiss Lace. French lace is more durable and will hold up better over time. The Swiss lace is slightly thinner and more fragile. Most people order the French Lace due to its durability. If applied properly, both caps will give you the undetectable hairline finish you're looking for.


9.  What color is the lace?                                                                                                                     


Most lace wigs are constructed with a freestyle part (can be parted anywhere). The lace allows the color of the natural scalp to come through. For this reason, you should select a Lace color closest to the color of your natural scalp.

Follow These Guidelines - Lace Choice Color:

Transparent: For White, Off White or Cream scalp tones.
Light Beige or Beige: For Light Beige or Beige scalp tones.
Light Brown: For Light Brown scalp tones.
Brown:  For Dark Brown scalp tones.


10. What are Knots?


A Lace Wig knot is the tie that holds the hair to the cap. A simple knot is used mainly around the perimeter or the front of the wig. This allows the wig to blend more easily into the hairline. Double knots are a bit thicker and can be used along the perimeter, top and back of the wig.

We recommend you seal the knots to extend the life of the wig and prevent excessive shedding, Use an acrylic sealer. Turn the unit inside out and place the unit on a wig mannequin. Spray the inside of the cap lightly standing 6 to 8 inches away. DO NOT SPRAY SEALER ON THE HAIR. You should not be able to see the spray on your unit.  If so, you have used too much. Let the unit dry for 15 to 30 minutes. Make sure the cap is completely dry before removing the unit. Removing the unit too soon may cause the cap to shrink.


11.  What are Bleached Knots?                                                                                                                

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In high-quality wigs, each strand of hair is hand-tied into the lace at the base of the cap. When these knots are bleached, they are made lighter and give a more natural scalp color appearance (as though the hairs are growing out of the scalp). The "Bleached Knots" option is highly recommend for darker hair colors.


12.  What are Baby Hairs?                                                                                                                       


Baby hair is the fine hair that grows naturally along the hairline. You may order your custom Lace Wig with or without this option.  The fine baby hair along the hairline gives an even more natural look.


13.  Can this wig be ordered in highlighted colors?                                                                         


You may order your wig with or without highlighted colors.  The amount of highlight can be selected as an option. The highlight color mix option allows you to select the amount of highlight color in the hair. You will be asked to select a color. The base color is the prominent color. Highlight colors are usually lighter colors. You can order you wig with up to (2) highlight colors.

Regular streaked highlights are a blend of 70% base color with 30% streaked highlights. The darker base color is prominent with highlights of color throughout the piece. This color blend works well if you want to keep the darker tones in the hair.

Two equally blended colors with one of the colors being a much lighter color will result in an overall change in the color of the hairpiece. Off black and light auburn in equal amounts fully blended will result in a medium auburn color. The off black, though still present, will be difficult to see.


14.  How is the wig applied?                                                                                                                    

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The lace wig cap is applied with a special adhesive that is safe for human skin, or tape. The adhesive product secures the Lace Wig product along the hairline. The adhesive disappears into the lace front and creates the illusion of hair growing directly out of the scalp. The adhesive is not used directly on the hair.  You may also purchase heavy duty adhesives or tape tabs to secure your wigs. These accessories are offered as options.

The wigs are fairly easy to attach. Your wig will come with FREE instructions on how to apply and care for the unit. Lace Wigs are PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS used mainly by trained professionals. We accept no responsibility for the manner in which this product is applied, used or misused.

If this is your first time using a Lace Wig, we recommend you purchase both the adhesive and remover at the time the wig is purchased. A $20 discount is offered on these products if ordered with the wig. Select these items from the drop-down option box to add them to your wig order.


15.  What type of adhesive is used and where can the adhesive be purchased?                    


Specially formulated adhesives are used to bond the hairpiece around the hairline. The adhesive comes in various types. If you want a 1-6 week hold – you will want to purchase the Ultra Hold glue. For a 1-10 day hold and for touch up,  Mity Tite is recommended. We offer several types of lace wig and toupee adhesives. Select the one that best fits your needs. The adhesive should not be used directly on the hair. Follow applications instructions carefully.


16.  How long will the adhesive hold?                                                                                                 


The average hold time is 1-6 weeks. This may vary depending on your skin type - the adhesive will not last as long on oily skin. There are several types of adhesives to choose from. If you exercise regularly or will be swimming in your wig, you would want a more durable adhesive. Maximum hold Ultra Hold provides a 3 to 6 week hold. Liqui-Tape and Mity-Tite are daily wear adhesives which provide a 2 to 10 day hold. These adhesive would be recommended for touch-ups. Safe Grip is a new water based adhesive which provides a 3 to 6 week hold. Consider your need carefully before selecting an adhesive.  C-22 is a general wig adhesive remover that works with nearly all hair adhesives. Lace Release is another good adhesive choice for lace wig adhesive removal.


17.  Can the wig be worn while swimming and exercising?                                                         

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Your Lace Wig can be worn like your natural hair. You can engage in all your normal activities including swimming and exercising while wearing your wig. You should wait at least 24 hours after application before allowing the hair to become wet.


18.   How is the wig parted?                                                                  


Your Lace Wig can be made with a "freestyle part" which allows the wig to be parted anywhere. Select this option from the options box.


19.  How thick is the hair?


Density (thickness) is defined as how thick or thin you want your hair to be. The standard and most popular choice is 100% which is Medium Density.

  • Light density is 60%-70% thickness of an average head of hair.
  • Medium density is considered 100% thickness of an average head of hair
  • Heavy density is considered 150% thickness of an average head of hair


20.  How are lace wigs styled and what textures are available?

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All custom lace front wigs come shaped to the style you select. The front of the wig needs to be trimmed and refined to frame the face.  You may also consider light feathering or some other type of customization work. We recommend you use a skilled stylist to insure that the wig is refined in a way that accentuates your best facial features.

Lace Wigs are available in many styles from Silky European straight to natural curly. You may also select the hair texture for your piece. Click here to view stock styles. Please call to check availability on stock items.


21.  How long will my wig last?


With proper care and maintenance, your Lace Wig can should last for many years. You will receive instructions on Lace Wig Care with your wig purchase.


22.  Who designs the wigs?


Lace wigs are are custom designed by professional hair stylists and wig specialists with years of experience in the industry. They closely monitor styles and trends to keep our product line up-to-date.


23.  Is this product available in local beauty supply stores?

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Lace Wigs are not typically found in local beauty supply stores. Most Lace Wigs are handmade custom units made to the customer's specifications.


24.  How long does it take for the wig to be made and delivered?


In stock Lace Wigs will usually ship the next business day. Always check to make sure the item has not sold out. Allow 5-6 weeks for delivery of custom Lace Wigs.  We ship all Lace Wigs via UPS or FedEx with signature required.  Please make sure someone is available to accept delivery and sign for the package. If you need your package shipped to an address other than your billing address, use Verified by Visa or Mastercard Secure Code to place your order.

For Stock Wigs - stock wigs ship within 24-48 hours. We get stock item regularly. Due to the high demand to available products, we cannot guarantee stock. We recommend you call us to confirm stock in your selected style and color.


25.  What accounts for the price differences in the wigs?


Our prices are based on hair length and texture. Additional length may add cost to our wig. Select the length of hair you want from the drop down options box. Any additional cost will be shown. Wavy and curly styles are sometimes more expensive. This price difference is due to the additional work required to make curly styles.


26.  Do you have a color chart or color ring?

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Hair color rings are available. If you are unsure of the colors, we recommend you purchase a hair color ring before placing your wig order. If you are sure of the color and want a color ring for future reference, you may order it at the time you order your wig. You will receive a $15 order discount. You may also send us a hair sample for color matching. Call us toll free at 1-888-247-2083 for instructions on sending your hair sample.


27.  How do I measure my head?


Click here to go directly to our picture illustrations showing the correct way to take head measurements. Your wig will be made to your exact specifications. If your head measurements are not accurate you might experience problems with the fit. We recommend you have a friend help you with your head measurements. Measure your head at least (4) times to make sure you have the measurements right.


28.  Can I return an item for exchange or refund?

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Due to the personal nature of the product, we must adhere to a strict policy on returns and exchanges. This is a necessary health precaution.


Click here to go to the Terms and Conditions page of our website for more detailed information on our exchange policy.  Please take the time to read this important information. We accept most major credit cards. We recommend you use a Verified Credit Card for faster more reliable service. You may also pay by wire transfer or MoneyGram.

Our exchange and refund policy is a matter or record with the Better Business Bureau and our Merchant Account provider.



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Custom made products take 5-6 weeks to produce.   ALL SALES ARE FINAL -  NO EXCHANGES  Custom products are subject to special terms and conditions.


You will have (3) business days to cancel or make changes to your custom order. After this time, you may not make ANY changes to the order. If you decide to cancel the order after three business days or at anytime up until the time the item is shipped, you will be charged  30% cancellation feeYOU CANNOT CANCEL A CUSTOM ORDER AFTER IT HAS BEEN SHIPPED . You must call our customer service department to cancel a custom order. If your order has not been shipped, you will be issued a cancellation confirmation number. You may call us toll free at: 1-888-247-2083. Email and chat is not always reliable so please call.

Your order will be shipped  via UPS or FedEx to the address you provide. Once your order is shipped, we have no control over the shipment. You will have to contact the shipper if there are problems with the delivery. You will be given an order tracking number. This number allows you to check the package status online. The online information will also have the UPS/FedEx  contact numbers.

UPS/FedEx will not leave the package at the door - a signature is required.  If a shipment is returned to us due to the customer's failure to accept delivery, the order will be held for 15 days beginning from the date the item is received at our return center. The customer may request reshipment of the order. We will only reship the item(s) originally ordered. We will not remake a custom item or substitute the items in the original order with other items.  An additional charge will be billed for reshipping.


Your order will be sent to the address you provide. To avoid failed deliveries, make sure your address information is accurate and that it contains ALL the information (apt #, etc.) needed for delivery.  If you experience a delivery problem caused by our mistake, we will reship the item.

UPS/FedEx  will usually make several attempts to delivery your package. They may also leave a notice of their attempts to deliver with a telephone to call for pick-up. It is the customer's responsibility to follow-thru with UPS/FedEx  for package pick-up if this becomes necessary.  Additional fees will be charged if UPS/FedEx is required to change or correct your shipping addess.


For quality assurance purposes incoming calls may be monitored and/or recorded to insure adequate service levels and to make sure we have taken your order information correctly. You will receive an email confirmation from us showing the item(s) ordered, cost, options, and delivery address.  If you do not have an email, your order receipt will be mailed to you and we will contact you by phone to confirm the item(s) ordered.  Check all the items on your order and the product options you selected.  Report any discrepancies to us within 24 hours. 

This information is a  matter of record with the Better Business Bureau and our Merchant Credit Card Service provider.

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Custom Full Lace and Lace Front Wigs

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Quality Assurance Inspection:

Our purpose is to produce high quality finely crafted custom Full Lace and Lace Front Wigs. We use high quality materials and expertly trained and skilled wig makers. Top quality 100% Remy Human Hair is used in the manufacture of all custom products. Base materials are also high quality. Quality and customer satisfaction is very important to us. Your wig will undergo an extensive documented quality inspection before it is shipped to insure that the sizing is correct and that there are no tears, rips or other damage to unit.

Reporting Problems:

Units are carefully inspected at the time of packing for size, color and other options.

Check your wig carefully when it is received.


Lace wigs are carefully inspected before they are shipped. Your custom wig will be made to your exact specifications. If you believe there is a problem with your wig, please check the specifications on your custom wig order before sending the item to us for quality inspection.

DO NOT SEND HANDLED OR WORN WIGS TO US FOR QUALITY INSPECTION. If you need to return a wig to us due to an error with the specifications, please make sure that the item is in NEW CONDITION.   Wigs that have been handled may not be returned to us for quality review.

Alterations of the unit include:

  • Rips, tears or cuts in the lace
  • Alterations in the lace (stretched or frayed)
  • Adhesive residue or other application products on any part of the unit
  • Styling product on the unit
  • Chemical treatments (coloring, perming, relaxing, tinting, etc.)
  • Styling (heat styling, set styling, combing, brushing)
  • Wig that have been washed or conditioned
  • Wigs that have been worn
  • Wigs that have been tried on

Stock Lace Wigs are sold in the size dimensions given in the description. No Lace Wig or other custom product can be returned to us due to sizing problems caused by bad measurements.  For this reason, it is important to take accurate head measurements. Measure your head at least (4) times to make sure the measurements are correct. We recommend you someone help you with your measurements.


Due to the problem of fitting after alterations, we no longer offer lace wig repair services.

 This notice is a matter of record with the Better Business Bureau and our Merchant Credit Card Service provider.

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