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Wig Cap Designs - Custom Wig Options

Wig products are made in a variety of styles. Comfort is the key and each cap type is designed for first for comfort and secondly to fit the individual needs of the consumer. You will find a wide variety of budget-friendly wigs styles as well as highly crafted luxury wigs in trendy and fancy color blends and mixes.

Custom wigs and hair extensions are designed and constructed to your specifications for the best fitting and most natural looking hair wear product possible. Choose from dazzling up-to-date manufactured colors or have our in-house designer customize a color for you.  Custom hair products can be made in high quality Remy human hair or Modacrylic Fiber (synthetic hair) in the style of your choice.  Since customized hair wear products are made to order, you must specify the type of hair (straight, curly, wavy, slightly wavy), and your unique measurements. A guide has been provided to help you with your measurements.  Below you will find helpful information on ordering custom and semi custom wigs and extensions.




    Lace Front and Full Lace Wigs - Product Features:

    Lace wigs are wigs which use thin transparent lace as a whole or part of the base material. Hair is hand knotted onto the lace and the edges are customized to the match the clients natural hairline. The hair is expertly crafted to allow movement in all directions.

    Full lace wigs have a seamless hairline around the entire wig and can be worn up or down. All edges of the wigs blend into the natural hairline. Lace front wigs are seamless along the front hairline only. A special adhesive is used to bond the lace to the clients natural hairline for an undetectable blond.  Stock Lace Wigs are sold in specific colors, and sizes. Read the information carefully on stock units to insure that you are purchasing a stock unit that fits your needs. Custom lace wigs are made to order in your exacting specifications and colors. You may have your unit made with up to 2 highlight colors and in lengths up to 26" long.

    Once the unit is applied you can wear your lace wig like your natural hair for extended periods. The Full Lace Unit can be worn in any style including updo or any ponytail style. Lace Front Units are seamless along the front hairline only. You may wear your Lace Front unit pulled away from your face and sides.  Lace wigs are are the lightest and most versatile of all wig types and are recommended for individuals with moderate, advanced or complete hair loss. This product is especially suited for individuals with hereditary hair loss or medical conditions such as cancer or alopecia.

    This product is made in the highest quality European texture Remi Indian Hair in straight, wavy or curly styles. Select from a wide of styles including Yaki which is now available in two texture types,  pressed straight texture (like heat straightened hair - medium texture) or in Silky Yaki Perm Straight with light texture. Lace Wigs will soon be available in Natural European Virgin Russian Hair, the very highest quality hair available. Stay tuned.

    Type of Lace -
    Lace wigs made be made in  Swiss Lace (light lace) or  French Lace (medium light lace). The French Lace is a bit thicker and tends to be more durable. Swiss Lace front with French Lace in the rest of the cap is the most widely used.

    Cap Construction - Below are photos of the cap options available with Full Lace Wigs. Caps constructed with stretch offers some flexibility with fitting.  If you are ordering your wig in thin skin or no stretch lace, be extra careful with your measurements - these materials will not stretch. Lace Front wigs (shown above) are constructed with no stretch lace along the front hairline and standard cap construction in the rest of the cap.

    Want to learn more more about this amazing product? Visit our Questions and Answers page for quick answers to the most frequently asked questions.

           Custom Cap Options



           Custom Wigs Head Measurements


    Popular Ready-Made Wig Cap Designs

    Monofilament refers to the type of material that hair strands are sewn onto. Unlike a cloth material, which can be itchy to those with sensitive scalps, monofilament material is a thin gauze-like, nearly transparent material which is much more comfortable to the touch.

    Hair strands are attached by hand-knotting them to this material, one strand at a time, hence the term "mono-filament". This allows the strands to swivel freely on base and so the monofilament wig is more easily styled. This weaving technique also creates ventilation. Your monofilament wig will breathe while worn, and this prevents heat and moisture buildup.  The monofilament fabric itself is nearly transparent, and so takes on the approximate color of your own natural scalp, whatever shade that is. This amazing "chameleon" effect is another plus to the monofilament wig design. It has been said that a monofilament part is the most natural looking part in the wig industry, because it bares the natural scalp color of the wearer

    Monofilament wigs are made with hand knotted monofilament materials at the top. The remainder of the wig may be hand or machine made. The back and sides of the wig have a more traditional cap construction. High quality materials is used in all parts of the wig - most have tape tabs or adjustment straps for more precise fitting and tabs for added security.




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