Emu Oil 4 Oz - All Natural

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100% Emu Oil in a 4oz Bottle.

For more than a thousand years, the Aborigines of Australia have used the oil of the Emu bird to treat inflammation of the joints, insect bites, and to heal wounds and burns. High levels of linolenic and oleic acid give Emu Oil its therapeutic properties. Emu Oil is now gaining the attention of personal care industry leaders because of its excellent emolient and anti-aging properties.

Emu Oil works wonders on dry skin and scalp. The oil penetrates the skin and gives long lasting relief from dry scaling skin. It helps heal chapped rough skin and has also been used to help relieve the dryness and scaling associated with eczema. It's a wonderful product to have in the home.

Chemicals strip the scalp and hair of natural emolients. Emu Oil is a superb before and after chemical processing conditioner and dry hair and scalp treatment. As a pre-chemical service treatment, apply a small amount of Emu Oil directly to the scalp the day before.

Emu oil will provide some protection to the scalp, help reduce the effects of defatting, and help control dandruff. Mix a small amount of Emu Oil with your favorite cream conditioner and you will see a difference with just two treatments. Emu Oil can also be used with a heat cap for deeper penetrating conditioning. You can use Emu Oil regularly as a dry hair treatment. Use small amounts to prevent build-up and wash hair regularly. Save money with Emu Oil, a little goes a long way.

Emu Oil can be used for:

Sports Related Injuries
Stretch Marks
Diaper Rash
Helps heal scarring with surgical procecures
And much more!

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