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  Terms & Conditions

All items sold on this website are subject to the following terms and conditions. These terms apply to all purchases placed by phone, web, email or any other method:

ALL SALES ARE FINAL! There are no exceptions to this policy. We will only accept items for exchange. This means that if you were shipped the correct item, you may only exchange the item. If you were shipped the wrong item, you may return the item for a full refund or for exchange.

EXCHANGE POLICY: We will exchange REGULAR HAIR EXTENSION AND WIG PRODUCTS in stock colors. Our stock colors are: #1, #1B, #2, and #4. All other colors including blended, highlighted or tipped colors may not be exchanged. For health reasons, all exchanges are closely monitored to prevent the return of worn or contaminated merchandise. Many states have health laws that prohibit the return of personal items that have been opened or used.

If you are unsure about the color of any item you want to order, we recommend that you obtain a color ring in order to more closely match your desired color. Be sure to get the color ring provided by the manufacturer of the item you want, as colors may vary by manufacturer. Due to variations in computer monitors and other factors, we cannot guarantee that any color samples shown on our website will be the same as the actual product color. It is impossible to do a color match over the phone, so any verbal recommendations made by us are simply suggestions and are not guarantees that you will get the color you want. We will not accept any returns or exchanges simply because the color you received does not appear to be the same as the color shown on our website or you do not like the color.

SALE ITEMS/SPECIALTY HAIR PRODUCTS/HAIR BONDING PRODUCTS/ACCESSORIES CANNOT BE EXCHANGED OR RETURNED. Items that cannot be exchanged or returned include: custom made wigs, hand-tied wigs, lace wigs, lace front wigs, monofilament wigs, hand-tied extensions, custom extensions, clip-in extensions, pre-glued extensions, extend tube extensions, skin weft extensions, top-pieces, closure pieces, Virgin Cuticle hair, Bohyme Cuticle hair, hair bonding products (adhesives, removers, tools, kits, etc.), hair bonding kits, books, wig care products and other accessories. It also includes any item marked as a SPECIALTY item. These items are designed for beauty professionals who have the training and knowledge to properly select and use the product they order.

Due to the personal nature of hair pieces, we adhere to a strict policy with regard to exchange merchandise. All items sent to us for exchange must pass restock inspection. We will only accept returns in the ORIGINAL UNALTERED PACKAGING with the factory packaging intact including the inspection tags. All hair merchandise is packaged in clear packaging allowing you to view and to touch the hair merchandise without removing the packaging. If the merchandise is removed from the packaging the seals will be broken making the item unsuitable for exchange. Wig items are packaged in a way to alert us to the possibility of contamination. If the seal connecting the piece to the packaging is removed the wig cannot be restocked so the item cannot be exchanged. Handling includes combing, brushing, washing, dyeing, curling, braiding, spraying, wearing, etc. If such an item is returned to us, the item will be held for 10 days pending the customerís payment of shipping charges to have it returned to them.

COLORING OR DYEING. We cannot be responsible for the results if you decide to color or dye any product purchased from us. Only human hair can be dyed and the results are unpredictable. We do NOT recommend that you attempt to color or dye any kind of synthetic hair.

DO THE EXCHANGE TEST. Check the item(s) you are sending us for exchange. If the item is not in a condition which you would accept as NEW, it should not be sent to us for exchange.

RMA - RETURN MATERIAL AUTHORIZATION: Any exchange/return requests must be made within 3 business days after the shipment is delivered by the carrier (i.e. UPS/FedEx/USPS) to the shipping address specified by the customer at the time of order. All exchanges or returns must be preauthorized. An RMA will only be issued for qualifying items. Contact us at: rma@lfhair.com for a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number and instructions on how to exchange a product. You may also call us toll free at 1-888-247-2083 to request a RMA. YOU MUST RETURN THE MERCHANDISE TO THE ADDRESS ON THE RMA FORM. You will have 15 days from the date of the RMA to send us your exchange item(s). No exchanges may be made after the 15 day period has expired.

Only ONE exchange per customer order is allowed. This means that you may request an exchange RMA only once for each order and only qualified items may be exchanged.

All merchandise received at our exchange center is photographed or videotaped upon receipt to confirm the contents and the condition of the returned items.

All returned items must be received in "like new" condition with all packaging intact.

DO NOT SEND UNAUTHORIZED RETURNS. Merchandise sent to us without an RMA cannot be tracked and may be lost. We ship from multiple warehouses, so it is not possible to track unauthorized items that are returned to the wrong location. We assume no responsibility for unauthorized returns or items sent to the incorrect address. We must be able to confirm receipt of item(s) sent to us for exchange. We recommend you use a shipping service with DELIVERY CONFIRMATION service. We assume no responsibility for lost shipments. We will not reimburse your cost to send an exchange item back to us except in the case of mis-shipment. We will gladly exchange or issue a full refund for any item(s) shipped in error. Please read the special terms of sale for international shipments.

RESTOCKING FEES / EXCHANGE SHIPMENTS: A 15% restocking fee and shipping charges apply to all normal exchanges. If the sales price of the item being returned is greater than the item requested, we will apply the difference in price toward shipping cost. Unless specified in writing or email by an authorized company representative, the minimum restocking fee on any other kind of return or exchange is 25%.

FAILED DELIVERIES / REFUSED SHIPMENTS / INCORRECT SHIPPING ADDRESS: Your order will normally be shipped via UPS or Federal Express to the address you provide. Tracking numbers are normally sent to your email address as soon as we receive them from our warehouse. If you do not receive a tracking number, please let us know. Use your UPS/Fedex tracking number to track your package in transit.

Incomplete or incorrect address information is the major cause of shipment delays. Check the address information on your order. Make sure you have included ALL the information (address, apt#, etc.) needed to deliver your package. UPS and FedEx charges a service fee for address corrections. The customer will be responsible for the payment of additional fees caused by incorrect or missing address information.

We may ship certain packages as SIGNATURE REQUIRED. UPS/FedEx will have instructions to obtain a signature at the time of delivery. UPS/FedEx will usually make several attempts to deliver your package. They may also leave a notice of their attempts to deliver at the delivery address and give you a telephone number to call for pick-up or to arrange an alternate delivery. It is the customerís responsibility to arrange for package pick-up if necessary. We cannot be responsible for any problems or additional costs if customer requests that the carrier deliver to an alternate location that is different than the original shipping address.

If a package is returned to us it may be reshipped by paying an additional shipping cost. If the package is returned and the customer does not authorize reshipment, they will be billed for the shipping and a 25% restock fee (minimum $10.00) will be charged.

DELIVERY ADDRESS CHANGES: If you request a delivery address change, we will relay that request to UPS or FEDEX. There is a fee charged by UPS/FEDEX for this service, which will be charged to the customer. Requests for a delivery address change usually cause an extra delay in delivery time. UPS and FEDEX do not guarantee that the delivery address change will be made and we cannot be responsible for any consequences if the change does not occur.

MODIFICATIONS & CANCELLATIONS: We attempt to process most orders as quickly as possible, so we cannot modify or cancel an order after it has been placed. If you make a mistake when placing an order, we will make our best effort to correct it, but we cannot guarantee it will happen. Our multiple warehouses handle hundreds of orders every day and it is not always possible to intercept an order. If a custom order is cancelled before shipping, a minimum cancellation fee of 50% will be charged, plus any additional costs we may have incurred.

SECOND CHOICE OPTIONS: If you specify a "second choice" for an item and your first choice is not available, then we will automatically try to ship your second choice. If your second choice is more expensive, the additional cost will be billed to your credit card. Because we try to process orders as quickly as possible, we will NOT notify you in advance to ask about your second choice.

PRICE INCREASES: We reserve the right to increase the price of any unbilled or unshipped items that are on "back-order" or "notify when available" status. If an item is not available, we may notify customers when they are back in stock, but we cannot guarantee that the price will be the same.

LENGTH OF HAIR: Unless otherwise specified, the length of hair for wavy or curly styles refers to the length when the hair is stretched out.

COUPONS: Only one coupon code may be used per order and coupons cannot be combined with other discounts (like free shipping) or used for sale items which are already discounted. Coupons can only be applied against the price of a product and cannot be used for shipping charges, taxes or other non-product items. Coupons are valid only for online orders placed by the customer and may not be used for telephone orders. We cannot be responsible for coupon codes that are expired, lost, forgotten or never delivered due to email problems. Customers are only eligible for one promotional ($5.00 off) coupon in any six-month period. Fraudulent, mis-used or expired coupon codes will not be honored.

FREE SHIPPING, DISCOUNTS & PRICE CHANGES: We may offer free shipping or other promotional discounts on certain products or orders that qualify. If an order is modified for any reason and fails to qualify, the discount may not be available and will not be applied. We reserve the right to change prices and modify or cancel any discounts or promotional offers without notice.

SHIPPING METHODS AND FEES: We reserve the right to change the delivery method you specify to an equivalent method. For example, if you choose "UPS Ground" we may ship by "Fedex Ground." Our shipping charges may be more or less than the actual rate charged by the carrier. We're sorry, but we cannot bill shipping charges to a customer account or another third-party account. Any requests will for third-party billing will be ignored.

SHIPMENT TIMES: UPS and Fedex do not normally deliver on weekends or holidays. Ground shipments normally arrive in 3 to 7 business (not calendar) days and delivery times may vary. DO NOT use Ground shipment if you expect your merchandise by a specific date. Next Day and 2nd Day shipments may not be delivered until the end of the business day. You should check with UPS or Fedex for guaranteed delivery times to your location. Next Day orders must be received by us before 11:00am EST. Other orders (and Next Day orders received after the cutoff time) will normally be shipped on the next business day. No orders will be shipped on weekends or US holidays. International orders usually require an extra 3-5 business days to ship (in addition to the Fedex/UPS/Postal Service delivery time). Fedex/UPS normally considers shipments to Puerto Rico and other US territories as international shipments. Due to customs delays and other factors outside our control, we cannot guarantee specific delivery dates for international shipments. We will do our best to ship your order on time, but are not responsible for any missed appointments or delays. Tracking numbers are normally sent to you by email. We may need to contact you, so be sure to provide a working phone number and check for email messages from orders@lfhair.com for any information regarding changes in your order status. We communicate primarily by email, so make sure your spam filters can accept messages from this address. Orders are shipped from multiple warehouses and we may use Fedex, UPS or an equivalent service. Shipping charges may be more or less than actual UPS or Fedex rates.

MULTIPLE SHIPMENTS: We ship from several different warehouses and your order may arrive in multiple shipments. We have no way to guarantee that all shipments will arrive at the same time.

CREDIT CARDS/DEBIT CARDS: When you place an order, we will do an "authorization" of your card for the amount of the order and your bank may place a "hold" on your account for the amount of the transaction. When your order is shipped, we will "settle" the transaction and that is when your card will be charged. This means that we do not actually bill your card until your order is shipped. If your order has been modified, the amount that is billed may be different than the original authorization. If you placed your order with a debit card, you may see the original authorization as a "pending" transaction until your order is shipped and the transaction is settled. This is when the final amount is actually charged to your card. Please note that it may take a few days for the final amount to show up on your bank statement. We do not have any control over your bank's policies and procedures, so please contact them for any further details. If your order is modified and the total is more than the original authorization, it may be necessary for us to do an additional authorization to your card for the extra amount. In this case, you may see more than one authorization and/or settled transaction on your credit card.

If it is necessary to cancel an order placed with a debit card, it is not always possible for us to "cancel" or "release" an authorization. Some banks allow us to do this, but other banks do not have this capability. The authorization will eventually expire and the "hold" on your account will be released, but the amount of time is determined by your bank and we do not have access to that information. However, we can usually cause the "hold" to be cleared in a few days by simply charging your card for $0.01 (1 cent). We would like to be able to release an authorization hold on a debit card, but due to the design of the Visa/MasterCard system and the capability of your bank, it is not always possible. For further details, please contact your bank.

All of our prices are in US Dollars and all credit card charges and refunds will be made in US Dollars. If you use an international (non-US) credit card, you may be charged foreign currency conversion fees by your bank. We are happy to accept international credit cards and we DO NOT add any extra fees for using them. However, we have no control over exchange rates and cannot be responsible for any fees that may be charged by your bank.

CREDIT APPROVAL/FRAUD SCREENING: All orders are subject to fraud-screening and verification of bank card information. If your card billing address is different than your shipping address, your order may be delayed until we can verify your card details. For quickest approval, make sure your shipping address is the SAME as the billing address of your bank card. Approval of shipments to an address that is different than your card billing address, payment with a non-US bank card or shipment to non-US addresses can take up to 48 hours. We are not responsible for any shipping delays due to credit card verification or lack of response from customers.

MISTAKES AND DELAYS: Mistakes and delays sometimes occur and we will do our best to correct them. UPS or FedEx occasionally lose a package or shipments are delayed (due to weather and other factors). All shipping mistakes must be reported within 3 business days of the date of delivery to the shipping address. If we shipped the wrong item or something is missing, we reserve the right to reship it at our expense or refund your money for the missing item. It is always wise to order far enough in advance to allow for unanticipated delays

HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: Some of our products (like adhesive removers) may be classified as "hazardous materials." Because of government regulations, these items require special handling and packaging and we may charge extra fees. Because special handling is required, shipments that contain hazardous materials may be delayed. We will notify you if your order is affected.

MANUFACTURER WARRANTY AND PRODUCT QUALITY: Any claims regarding manufacturer warranties or the quality of products must be pursued directly with the manufacturer of the product.

LIMITED LIABILITY: Our maximum liability shall be limited to the price paid for the merchandise or service. We are not responsible for any damages, loss of service or loss of income that may result from the use of any of the products shown or purchased from our website.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS: International Shipments must clear customs. The rules and requirements for customs clearance vary. It is the customer's responsibility to pay any additional taxes, fees or duties that may be required. Invoices are sent with all shipments. This is the only document that will be sent with your shipment. We cannot refund or reimburse customers for customs fees or taxes, as these are collected by the government and we have no control over them. Please read the information we have provided concerning customs clearance. This information may be found on the ASK US page of our website.

SHIPPING: Please refer to our Questions page for information on DOMESTIC AND INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.

INVOICES: We are an internet company and all invoices are sent by email. If you require a paper invoice that is mailed to you, there will be an additional $2.50 fee to cover the costs of printing and postage.

MAILING ADDRESS FOR CORRESPONDENCE: Laissez Faire Hair, ECM #26580, PO Box 025250, Miami, FL 33102. DO NOT send any returns to this address, they will NOT be accepted.


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