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  Remi Velvet Yaki Weave GRD5 - Human Hair - Outre #17338
Remi Velvet Yaki Weave GRD5 - Human Hair - Outre
Top quality pure Remy quality hair in Remi Velvet Yaki texture for relaxed hair. Soft silky and long lasting. A cut above premium quality hair.

Available Lengths: 10", 12", 14", 16", 18" and 20".

Note: Stock in blended colors is limited. We will notify you within 24 hours if stock is not available in your selected length and color.

SAVE UP TO 65% on OUTRE Styles and Colors

Continue Shopping OUTRE

Price: $ 110.00

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  Customers rating
Customers rating

Customers rating

  (Avg 4.8 stars / 145 votes)

Customer voting


Customer Reviews

Author: kaykay
i have been using all different types of weaves and i have never used any as good has Remy Velvet Yaki. its great

Author: lanijoy
I have spent alot of money in an attempt to find hair that looks like Beyonce's. I finally found this hair, and it lasts long, it is very manageable, and I don't have to spend thousands of dollars to have a quality hair experience. I definitely recommend

Author: RoRo
Beyonce wears lace front wigs. Absolutely fantastic...but kinda expensive

Author: Pretty Lady
I beleive I've finally found it, the hair looks great and most of all natural, I hope it I can say the same once i receive it.

Author: niecy
which one of these hairs look best for a straight or curly look on someone with nappy hair that has to get relaxers? Does the hair really last long?

Author: secret
this hair was sent from the weave gods. i've used it myself and recommend it for all my clients. i';ve kept it in for up to 6 months at a time. as long as you maintain the hair it'll look great. wash it, color it, flatin or curl it. this is a weave wearer

Author: SweetMeti
Does it tangle or shed as much as the Beverly Johnson weave?

Author: Santi
I wanted to know if this hair sheds like the Outre Premium Yaki hair and if it tangles easily?

Author: DVN1
I currently live in Arizona and wear Velvet and it is the BOMBAY that means excellent, never has a catfight on the back of your neck like the other brands and doesn't shed. My clients have reused for sewn tracks.

Author: Fe
Is this better than the custom blen hair (the one you buy for an ounce)

Author: Lexxy
I've noticed the longer the hair is, the thinner. for example when i wear 20in or longer i have to buy 2 packs of hair. i need my hair to be atleast the size of a quarter when it's held tightli in my hand. is this enough hair. also, i love to curl my hair

Author: ms roshana
I have purchased outre remi before and it is terrible. It sheds and tangles. Now I only buy human hair by the pound it is better.

Author: jennifer
this was the first weaving hair i used. it doesn't tangle or shed. it looks natural....its just wonderful. i bought another brand by mistake but this one has me completely spoiled. no other hair compares.

Author: emerald
This hair is great compared to other brands beverly johnson, milky way it does not shed or tangle and you can wash it and reuse it. you can flat iron it and curl it

Author: lazy nurse
this hair is perfect for the ones who work hard during the week but love to let yuor hair down on the week-ends. this hair is amazing.

Author: Tamikos
I must say this is the best hair ever.It's soft, and it's really tangle free, and it has alot of body to it. Out of all the brands I've tried this is the best hair ever it is expensive but it is worth it. I work out , and go swimming three time a week and

Author: crystal
I have tried different brands of hair before and I honestly love remi velvet the most.

Author: LilStina
If u buy remi hair and it tangles and sheds, u must not be taking care of it the right way. u have to brush it and flat iron it and wrap it and wash it. but honestly this is the best kind of hair u can buy if you on a budget and want some REAL GOOD HAIR.

Author: AbbyA
How many packs do you need for a full head weave?

Author: miss kam
I got so many compliments on my hair when I used Velvet. Everyone thought I just had long hair. It hardly tangles even after washing it.It's the best for a person on a budget.

Author: Cheltese

Author: Sabrina
Just had the 12" length put in all over. My hair is shoulder length so it's added for thickness and a little more length in the back. One pack was a PLENTY. I have my mixed in all over though. Will let you know how well it wears.

Author: ivory
so far this hair for me is great it has held up much better than other brands, i have manhandled it and it still looks and feels great. no tangling and minimal shedding

Author: Jasmyn
remy velvet is my favorite hair beside the hair that you buy by the oz. if you find the right person to put it in you will have no problems for the next two ~ four months. it does shed from time to time. in my opinion shedding is fine (and natural) that

Author: Brittany
I LOVE THIS HAIR!!!! It is really tangle free, its long lasting, its looks so natural, it doesnt shed and its nice and silky. I would never go back to other brands. Milky way is a JOKE!

Author: Kathren
I have purchased this hair in 14 and 16 inches for layering. I was not impressed by the quality after I had washed the hair. I used very good products for washing this hair. It felt really heavy and thick after washing mind you the product I used gaurante

Author: Tia
This hair is awesome!! It looks so natural and is full of body! I am going to try and crimp it this weekend to see how it hold up!

Author: SUNNY
1st time trying Outre Velvet Remy, and I hope to god this hair is cool. I'm tired of wasting money and having mad matt attacks one week later. I WILL POST AGAIN.

Author: Gwen
I was not impresses with Remy Velvet. Shedding is not the problem, frizzing is.

Author: Ieshia Louis
this is the best hair i have ever wore in my life and yes i have tried every hair there is.By me working in a hair store you know i have tried plenty of diffrent hair. All i can say is i love it.

Author: Cassandra
I love this hair!! However my hair is very thick! I have to use at the very least txo packs for a full weave.

Author: Semela
I think this hair is great!! I bought the Remi Yaki Velvet 18" and I love it. I sheds a little but nothing compared to the Zury brand I had. I am very pleased so far.

Author: KJ
This hair does hardly tangles at all, but is WAY too silky to match AA hair. My hair is relaxed 4B and no amount of moisturizing and flat-ironing will get my hair to match this brand, even after a fresh relaxer. I would not recommend for 4a/4b hair unless

Author: Shay (sr32722@hotmail.com)
This hair is fabulous! I loved it from the pack. The problem before I got it installed I needed another pack, so I got it from the local hair store, IT IS NOT THE SAME!! I am shedding and tangling, think they pulled a fast one! Comapring between the two,

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